B-Wave Or D-Wave Imminent In Precious Metals


Very interesting thing happening in the gold market at present. If you have been paying attention, Gold has now broken through the low we had in place to ensure we were still in an up-trend. This means we have a left translated cycle in progress which means we have a pattern of lower lows and lower highs.$1668 was the line in the sand for the gold index. This was easily penetrated yesterday. Now we have 2 possibilities at play. We could still be in a D-Wave decline or we could be in a B-Wave decline. There is a big difference between a D-Wave and a B-Wave. D-Waves are more severe. The next line in the sand in the $1535 level. If we can stay above this in the next few weeks, we will stay in the B-Wave, if not, we will be in a D-Wave decline, no question. If we get the D-Wave, we easily could retrace back to the $1400 level on the gold index. Bad news for some, good news for some, where will you stand?

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