Cash for Silver: Three Places to Find the Precious Metal

Cash for Silver: Three Places to Find the Precious Metal

If you have ever struggled to pay your bills, your rent, or your car note, you have probably looked for a way to make some extra money. You've probably noticed the Internet and television advertisements, or even the signs on the side of the road stating, “We Buy Your Old Gold.” Selling precious metals is a time-honored way to raise capital, and while gold is the most desired metal for dealers, obtaining cash for silver is just as easy. Silver (Ag) can be found in various places around the house, in yard sales, and even in your body. Here are three common places where you can find it.

Old Coins

Finding the precious metal in old coins is the most obvious solution. But which old coins? Modern quarters, nickels, and dimes are worth more by themselves than the metal that they are composed of. The real money in coins can be found in dimes, quarters, and half-dollars issued before 1965. These coins have an Ag content of 90%, making them more valuable than their currency denomination. You can also find bullion issued by the United States with a high purity rating. A good source to keep an eye out for at yard sales and antique shops is commemorative and collectible coins issued by private businesses, which often boast a high percentage of Ag.


While most people use the term flatware and silverware interchangeably, the fact of the matter is that many families used to own sets of forks, knives, and spoons made of Ag. While purchasing a full set of silverware from an antique shop or high-end department store can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, it is reliably easy to find individual pieces. Yard sales, swap meets, thrift stores, and flea markets are all excellent places to find silverware that will most likely be priced below its metal value, making them perfect to make the cash for silver exchange.

Old Electronics

If a piece of electronic equipment has an on and off switch, it almost assuredly was made using silver. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, Ag can be found in circuit boards, televisions, phones, children's toys, and even switches for the lights in your home. Now, before you break your wall to get to the switch, remember that the amount of Ag used in electronics is minuscule. To make a profit, it requires collecting a large number of older devices at low prices. One possibility is to place an online ad offering to haul away any old or broken electronics, free of charge. With enough pieces, a tidy profit could be made.

In conclusion, cash for silver is an excellent way to make some money if your funds are running low. While it can require a lot of hard work, it is a worthy endeavor.

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