City of Detroit – Ripe for Investment or a Bottomless Pit?

City of Detroit – Ripe for Investment or a Bottomless Pit?

What’s the rule when investing, whether it be the stock market or real estate? Simple; buy low and sell high – which also means that there is «opportunity in crisis» and chaos for others can be a god send for your financial well-being. Okay so, how do you get in on the bottom of the market? You look for «blood in the streets» as they say on Wall Street. You look for the worst situation around and you buy on the distress of others. No, it’s not pretty, but that’s how successful investors do it, maximizing their risks for unbelievable gains – yes, that is the name of the game. Now then, let’ talk about this shall we?

«You believe there’s going to be another recession? Ask any sensible economist who doesn’t have their head up their ass and they’ll tell you that there is an economic depression on the horizon for America that is more severe than any the world has ever seen. The government and the banks just keep stalling it but it’s only going to get worse.»

True enough, there will always be another recession, and they’ve become exacerbated due to the political influence on central banking policies – and yes, they keep kicking the can down the road, and the longer they do, the worse that day of reckoning will be.

Still, when you are buying on the cheap, there is a lot of forgiveness on the downside and lots of potential on the upside – so that’s what the investors are thinking, perhaps it is a good bet, but as you say – there is risk as well – there always is – it’s all about timing – and so, time will tell – the rest is just predictions which are 80% of the time wrong, and right now, we have predictions going every which way.

You know all those people who’ve been calling for doom and gloom and to buy gold? Well, they surely got their butts handed to them in 2013, but they may last laugh in coming years – who knows. So, maybe there is a lesson here for the newbie investor – namely, look for the proverbial «blood in the streets» and buy on the cheap – that’s where you will find the most upside.

Don’t buy at the top of the market in the feeding frenzy, that’s for the fishes, and that’s when those who’ve made a ton of money are busy selling at the top. You need to do the opposite and if you are not sure, watch the seasoned investors, market makers and billionaires, they know what they are doing, they’ve done it before. Think on this.

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