Hard Assets to Topple the Fraud

Hard Assets to Topple the Fraud

The debt ceiling fiasco, resulting in a «super committee» that has no interest for the public at-large, should be a stark indicator to the US population that the time for real action against tyrannical government is here. The mortgage «crisis» was a great indicator of what happens when government is in bed with supposed private entities. The same thing is occurring with the US bond market right now and US stocks as well. What is needed is liquidation of debt and a return to money backed by gold and silver.

The free markets need to be reinstated so as to wipe out corrupt companies, companies which I cannot name here. Companies that know they will be bailed out are more likely to take bigger risks, like offering loans to homeowners with only a 5% down payment. LOL are you kidding me? The government wants to keep propping up the housing market because nobody is buying housing. Well that’s a good indicator that the free market DOESN’T WANT the overvalued housing, and therefore resources in the form of bailouts should not be funneled into those bankrupt companies and fraudulent markets! The easy money is also seen in the bond bubble that will eventually return to its true value of zero, while gold and silver continue their upwards climb.

Gold and silver have been used throughout history as a store of wealth. In our current situation, we have money backed by nothing other than the «faith and credit» of the US government, i.e. NOTHING! Heck, even tobacco was used as currency in places like Virginia in the 1800s when previous US currencies failed. Money is a commodity, and this tobacco (commodity), which was recognized to be a monetary commodity, allowed for stability in the marketplace. After WWII in Germany, American soldier were known to use cigarettes as a monetary item. A cigarette was worth quite a bit more than just its intrinsic value. It could be smoked, and could be exchange for food and other supplies. The great thing about it was that it cost somebody somewhere to provide the labor and materials to increase the «money supply,» instead of having somebody to just «print» cigarettes out of thin air. And when the «money supply» became too large and made the cigarettes worth less, you could just partake in the smoking of said item and enjoy its natural intrinsic value. Interesting stuff. All in all folks, do your research and learn to protect yourself.

People have grown away from the barter and simplicity upon which America became great. Do we really need a bank 2000 miles away from us to do business? Do we really need a tax system that just takes from the poor and middle class and gives it to foreign banks? The elites depend on people to remain reactive and not proactive. Get off your ass and make the changes necessary to improve your life. Learn about history and you’ll realize only gold and silver will protect your wealth from the coming real financial crisis.

Remember, gold is the money of kings, and silver is the money of man.

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