History of Gold For and on Behalf of KB Gold

History of Gold For and on Behalf of KB Gold

Gold is one of the ten elements of ancient times. The oldest findings date back to the 5th millennium before Christ. The Egyptian pharaohs regarded gold as a divine metal. They considered themselves to be descendants of the Sun God. Gold was a means of achieving immortality, for which reason a deceased pharaoh was wrapped in gold, i.e. the burial chamber was filled with items made from gold and silver. When Tutankhamun’s grave was excavated in 1922, the researchers found the pharaoh’s mummy surrounded by three sarcophaguses, while the inside was made of solid gold and weighed more than 108 kg. The burial chamber featured chariots made from white gold, golden daybeds, statues and Tutankhamun’s throne, which was fully plated in gold foil.

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