How Self Directed IRA LLC Will Change How You Think About Your Retirement


An IRA is structured in different ways: one form is the «traditional» IRA while another form is a self directed IRA LLC. As you study these two types of IRAs, you will see that there is a significant difference between them.

Deception through Omission

Unfortunately, the diversity in IRAs is something that is not disclosed when you go to a financial institution to open up an IRA. Instead, you are led to believe that there is only one basic type of IRA, the traditional IRA. Sometimes you may be made aware of other types of IRAs, but are led to assume that there are only minor variations between the various types available for someone planning their financial future.

You are never told about the significant differences between the benefits provided by a traditional IRA and self directed IRA LLC. For instance, with a self directed IRA LLC, there are many more options available on what to invest in. In addition, there is minimal custodial interference and only nominal fees to set up and run your IRA account.

Your Hidden Option

Only through independent research will you discover your hidden option. When you find self directed IRA services who works with it, you will be exposed to an innovative IRA structure. One in which you will not be controlled by a custodian and can rely on your own investment savvy to grow your money. You will be free to invest your funds in financial vehicles that provide a higher return than the usual financial instruments and securities. Besides this freedom to decide how, where, and when to invest, you will still be able to safeguard all your assets under the umbrella of limited liability protection.

Benefits of a self directed IRA LLC

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with a self directed IRA LLC:

1. You don’t have to ask permission from your custodian about investments that you plan to make.

2. You have to pay only a nominal fee to set up and run your IRA account.

3. You have complete checkbook control.

4. You can act quickly when it comes to taking full advantage of a time-sensitive investment.

5. You can choose from a broad variety of investment vehicles.

So what can you do with a self directed IRA LLC?

Here are just some of the investment possibilities available to you when you enroll:

• You can invest in mortgages.
• You can invest in foreign real estate.
• You can invest in foreclosures.
• You can invest in REITS.
• You can invest in private property.
• You can invest in undeveloped land.
• You can invest in commercial property.

But that’s not all, you can also invest in:

• Secured and unsecured loans
• Stocks and commodities
• Tax liens and deeds

Or, you may decide to invest in:

• Foreign currency
• Precious metals
• Bonds
• Mutual funds
• Discounted notes

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in the many benefits associated with a self directed IRA LLC, benefits that are never mentioned by self directed IRA services promoting a traditional IRA, you should look deeper into this hidden option, one that is kept concealed from you until you begin to make your own inquiries about the world of IRA services.

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