How To Use Your IRA To Become ‘Filthy Rich’ With Tax Liens Investing

How To Use Your IRA To Become ‘Filthy Rich’ With Tax Liens Investing

Learn the ultimate way in which you can take control of your finances while backing your IRA investments with the guaranteed security of Tax Liens and Deeds Investment. Quite frankly, even though it may be too late to avoid the unjustifying volatility of the bonds or the stock market, it is quite plain to see that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Believe it or not, our banks and brokerage firms have effectively convinced us that our IRA holdings can only be invested in stocks and bonds. Unfortunately, with the sharp decline in the stock market and the bottling out of interest rates, millions of people could only stand by and watch as their retirement investments and savings lose value.

Unfortunately, not many investors like you knew that there was a viable investment alternative that could offer both safety and incredible growth. This IRA option which your bankers and stockbrokers would not want you to know about is in the real estate arena and more specifically, Tax Liens and Deeds Investment. Yes, this is a secret they have kept to themselves for thousands of years. There are no incentives for them to tell you about it, because there are no responsibilities involved for them to get paid. Regardless of what they have led you to believe, it is perfectly legal to hold Tax Liens Investing in an IRA account. The incredibly high rate of return involved with these investment, can make you filthy rich over time! When you use your IRA for your Tax Liens investments, not only does it allows you to produce the necessary cash, but it also means that any profits from your tax deed investment business, are tax-deferred. Plus, the profits you make go right back into your account, which means your retirement savings will grow very large and very quickly.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind …

  • The number one thing you must remember is that your IRA has to be self-directed. Because this is riskier for the financial company to administrator, very few offer this option. But only when you control the investments of your retirement account, you can use these funds to purchase tax defaulted properties. This is perfectly legal, thanks to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, which allows a retirement account holder to self-direct their IRA funds. Yes, by law you can invest your retirement nest egg into anything, but for a higher return, it works best in real estate, and more securely, in tax lien and tax deed purchases with Government Guaranteed Return!

  • Also, it is best to set up a line of credit when you open your self-directed IRA account. This allows you to carry a checkbook that draws the funds you need directly from your account. When you're traveling to a tax auction, it's quite convenient to use your checkbook and draw out the amount of money you need to pay for you tax deed purchases.
  • Now, if you already got a retirement account set up, then you should definitely check with your current IRA administrator to see if your account can be turned into a self-directed fund and if a line of credit is available. If not, considering moving your account to a company that does offer the tools you need to make your retirement funding through tax lien certificate and tax deed investing easier and more profitable.

Two of the most common reasons that the ultra-wealthy people put their money into tax lien certificates and tax deeds, is so that they can amass a nice nest egg that will continue to build their wealth and to finance their retirement in luxury and high style !

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