Knowing Hot Stock Picks

Knowing Hot Stock Picks

Whether you have a long-term investment strategy, designed to help you create, build, and maintain wealth, or you are a high risk investors looking to buy and sell high volumes of penny stock over the short term, you are always on the lookout for hot stock picks. While long-term investors prepare for the inevitable up and down turns of the market, penny stock investors are looking to buy and sell their stock quickly, they are all looking for companies to do well.

The mainstream financial media and the analysts who specialize in penny stock options believe that consumer goods will have a big year this year. Regardless of the economy, families still need to launder their clothes, wash their floors, and clean up spills. Companies that produce common household goods, like laundry and dish detergent, soap, paper towels and cleaning supplies are poised to have a big year. Consumer goods will be a hot stock pick in 2020. If you invest wisely, you can clean up with these picks.

As it appears the United States is coming out of a recession, American may have more disposable income to spend on little luxuries. Both traditional brokers and penny stock analysts believe that fats food and convenience foods will be hot stock picks. As fast food chains expand their bargain menus and begin to introduce affordable and healthy alternatives to fried foods (like salads, fruit, and gluten free options), consumers will respond by opening their wallets for meal time convenience.

Beverage companies, from soft drinks to sparkling waters have investors coming back for refills. Analysts suggest that energy and performance enhancing drinks will lead the way in terms of profitability. Blue chip investors should consider the big soft drink companies as hot stock picks, while penny stock and micro-cap investors may want to consider companies involved in the production, packaging, and distribution, or readymade teas, coffees, juices, and energy drinks. Beverage companies will be the toast of 2020. You can drink to those hot stock picks.

Even though legislative analysts are predicting a fight over healthcare reform, health care industries and pharmaceuticals are hot stocks picks. Companies involved in the production and manufacturing of preventive medicine will have the most to gain over the next year, Alternative medicine (think nutritional supplements and holistic healing initiatives) is a trend that will help drive the stock market this year. Health is a hot stock pick!

Bargain big box retailers will save consumers and make investors' money this year. After a strong holiday season, bargain retailers continue to grow both their marketability and influence. Consumers should consider their own buying habits and see how those companies and products fit into their investment strategy. Retail is a hot stock pick for the next 12 months.

For both traditional investors and penny stock investors, staying ahead of consumer and purchasing trends can make a big difference in their bottom line. Hot stock picks for the next year will vary but quarter, but analysts are feeling very bullish about the year to come.

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