Learn To Buy 1oz Gold Coins


Why Buy Gold?

Gold and silver, perhaps the best known ores in the world. As a precious metal, their value is unprecedented. But when people think about owning gold themselves, thoughts such as pirates and governments come to mind.

Let’s get the facts straight- gold (and silver for that matter) isn’t limited to these groups. Anyone can own it. The question is, why would you want to own it? The reason; economics. Gold is a common item used in the markets of many countries. Gold coins in South Africa are called Kruggerands. Gold coins in Canada are called Maples. Gold Coins in the U.K. are called Sovereigns. Gold coins in the U.S. are called Eagles. Countries used to rely on the gold standard for the basis of their currency, but now gold serves two different purposes. Compacted into solid, 25 pound bars (also called bullion) and stored in highly secure areas (best known being Fort Knox in Kentucky), countries do one of two things with them: one, they sell it to other countries in order to increase foreign investment, or two, they implement it into their own economy (such as in the from of gold coins) to stimulate their own economy by increasing consumer spending and selling.

Silver follows a very similar pattern. Although silver coins aren’t worth as much as gold, their cheaper price actually carries a greater following by collectors and citizens alike that sends gold bullion into the hands of the more wealthy.

Now, why does all of this apply to you? Well, gold and silver investments act as a safeguard for your constructed wealth. While upper class citizens rely on paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art to act as their safeguard, you can use gold and silver, whether it is in the form of gold bullion or silver bullion. While the price of gold and silver can fall (as determined by the London Gold Pool), the fact remains that, being precious metals used in the economies of nearly every country and sought out by the citizens and governments of those countries, gold and silver will always remain high in value. Placing your gold behind your wealth keeps it on a solid platform that’s built to keep it afloat in the changing tide of the economy.

So please, do a little more research yourself, find the right company for you, and buy gold and silver right now.

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