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One Good Thing About the Recession – Buying Apartment Complexes With Your IRA and 401k

One Good Thing About the Recession – Buying Apartment Complexes With Your IRA and 401k

Many are searching for the silver lining in today's market … some have found it, some are still looking, some have completely given up. Though many are experiencing loss, others are positioning themselves correctly to increase rather than decrease.

I have spoken with many people who have seen a loss within their retirement accounts. They feel restricted. They feel hopeless and discouraged and they are looking for other options.

To be frank, I don't blame them !! I would be very discouraged as well. Can you make money in stocks and bonds and mutual funds, the traditional form of retirement options … YES. Absolutely you can but, just like any other investment opportunity, you need to know when to buy, when to sell, and how to accurately diversify yourself so that your wealth is not only secure but also grows! Many have not been so lucky …

That being said, I feel strongly about taking matters into your own hands and investing more so in the avenues in which you know. It's not luck, it's knowledge! The market is TOO ripe for you to not to be diving into other opportunities and now you can absolutely take advantage of that by switching your retirement accounts over to self-directed retirement plans. By having this set up, you can invest in metals, real estate, tax liens, private placements, and more.

So here's my thoughts … has the market shifted? Yes. Are the old ways going to work today? Potentially not. So what are you doing today to ensure that you are equipped to leverage, increase, and rise above our market's happenings ?!

I may not be able to supply you with all the ways to invest in metals, tax liens, or other opportunities but, what I can do is supply you with the reasons as to why you should absolutely look into and involve yourself in multi-family investing. I specialize in that arena, I know it like the back of my hand, and from my opinion, it is THE BEST real estate investment opportunity in front of us today.

What we know about our “recession” and the positive affects it can have on multi-family investing while using your retirement accounts:

-We are in an echo boomer “swell”! There are more than 7M people entering the market in between the ages of 18-35 which is prime time rental age. Everybody needs a place to live, many cannot afford or qualify to buy, so by purchasing apartment complexes, you are capitalizing on the market's need.

-Inflation. Believe it or not, like it or not, we are only on the edge of experiencing inflation. Many will suffer greatly, there is no doubt about it but if you purchase real estate correctly, you can ride the “inflation wave” as your property increases in appreciation. And as you know, the more a property appreciates, the more you make!

-Money on the sideline does you no good. However, your money which can be invested in an avenue that can buy bigger properties will increase your cash flow and will produce greater back end profits. It's called leverage.

I encourage you to do something with your capital today! Do not let it sit on the sidelines out of fear. MAKE MORE MONEY WITH IT !! Be creative, stretch your understanding, and ride this market out with a smile on your face and more $$ in your bank.

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