I read a terrifying article about the retirement savings crisis and how it will affect women, especially. As a woman who is 48, this caught my attention! Did you know?
Self-employed individuals have to juggle the many responsibilities that come with being their own bosses. Planning for retirement can get lost in the shuffle.
Whether you are saving for your retirement, or about to retire, the recent changes will give you more freedom, choice and flexibility than ever before over how you access your pension savings. PENSION FREEDOM IS HERE: The power to do what you like with the money you've saved for...
In 2010, Jason and Ralph Rogers, brothers, inherited a neighborhood bar when their father passed away. From 2010 to mid-2014 the neighborhood the bar was in transformed from a sleepy residential neighborhood into a booming apartment house community populated by young, upscale, educated, singles, and newlyweds.
It is common for people to focus on the financial aspects of retirement planning. However, there are other considerations as you map out how you will spend these years.
Two weeks ago the Treasury released proposed and temporary regulations in support of the Kline-Miller Reform Act. This could amount to be a huge blow to retirees who are counting on pension benefits to fund their retirement. These regulations allow for: - Reduction of benefits for current retirees -...
The shortcut to a happy retired life is to keep engaged in some activities. The avenues for staying busy are aplenty. One should choose an activity that satisfies the interests of self and other as well.
You could prepare a checklist of things that could help you to prepare your finances for retirement, and breathe a sigh of relief. To prepare a retirement is a great measure to save finances but there are many other things that should be taken into account for a better...
Companies are now banned from offering pensioners a lump-sum buyout. This prevents bad decisions, but also good ones.
A growing number of Americans are retiring without any savings. Use these simple retirement planning tips to reverse that troubling trend.