Silver Is Your Ticket to Wealth!

Silver Is Your Ticket to Wealth!

Unless vast reserves of Silver are discovered in the next few years, it is estimated that this precious metal could have less than 20 years supply before it is all gone. This shortage of supply and strong demand within the industrial sector flags a scenario that one day soon, Silver may be the most valuable precious metal available, priced even higher than Gold.

Silver is now the rarest of all the precious metals on the earth today. With over 1500 Plus Industrial applications, Silver is now in the spotlight for astute investors to grow, and also protect their Wealth Portfolios for the foreseeable future.

Industry has an insatiable appetite for Silver as it has the highest available reflectivity and electrical conductivity of all the metals known to man. The industrial uses include mobile phones and computer terminals, which are being produced in huge volumes around the world today. All these applications have a small quantity of Silver used within their manufacture, however what is disturbing is that these small quantities cannot be recycled back into our bullion reserves for later use.

With Fiat currencies now beginning to falter around the world, and with silver reserves declining in supply faster today than any other time in history, smart investors are now starting to look very closely at investments into precious metals again, and the two trusted precious metals of choice have always been Gold and Silver.

Gold is priced today 55 times greater than the price of Silver and in hard financial times of the past, this ratio has closed closer to one in ten. Investing in Silver Bullion today just may prove to be the opportunity of a lifetime presenting itself. Silver has now become the preferred choice of investors, who would normally be buying Gold to hedge against financial bad times as they start to manifest themselves.

2012 is shaping to be a time for even greater financial turmoil, as countries around the world get deeper into debt, flagging their inevitable financial collapse. This prediction should alarm the middleclass that it is now the time to get your house in order, and invest for those bad times that are coming. Silver and Gold prices will start to surge as these countries fall over, and Bullion prices may then leave the reach of most middleclass investors should they sit on their hands before this occurs.

If Fiat currencies start to collapse, as is being forecast by many within the next 3 to 5 years, a Silver bullion reserve set aside today will come in very handy as a reliable source of currency for trading and buying goods in the future. What I also recommend is keeping well clear of buying commodity stocks in Gold and Silver, for when the fiat currencies start to collapse, so too will all paper investments into Gold and Silver. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!

In conclusion, it would be very wise for any person reading this blog to recognize that the world is now very unsettled and is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future. Investing in Silver Bullion today may very well be the middleclass families shimmering light for the coming future we will all have to endure.

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